Colt Python Handgun


The Colt Python is a highly regarded double-action revolver known for its exceptional accuracy, smooth trigger pull, and distinctive styling. Here are the key specifications for the Colt Python handgun:

1. *Caliber*: .357 Magnum (also capable of firing .38 Special ammunition)
2. *Barrel Lengths*: Available in 3-inch, 4.25-inch, and 6-inch barrel options.
3. *Overall Length*:
– 3-inch barrel: 8.5 inches
– 4.25-inch barrel: 9.75 inches
– 6-inch barrel: 11.5 inches
4. *Weight*:
– 3-inch barrel: 40 ounces
– 4.25-inch barrel: 42 ounces
– 6-inch barrel: 46 ounces
5. *Frame*: Stainless steel
6. *Action*: Double-action/single-action
7. *Capacity*: 6 rounds
8. *Sights*:
– Front: Red Ramp front sight
– Rear: Adjustable target rear sight
9. *Grips*: Walnut with a Colt medallion
10. *Finish*: High-polish stainless steel
11. *Trigger*: Smooth and adjustable trigger for precise control

The Colt Python is renowned for its premium craftsmanship and has been a favorite among law enforcement, enthusiasts, and collectors since its introduction in 1955. The modern production models maintain the legacy of the original design while incorporating updated manufacturing techniques.

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