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We carry a full line-up of 9×19 ammo for sale. Generally, you’ll want to look for full metal jacket rounds for training and jacketed hollow point rounds for self-defense. As you might know, 9mm goes by several different names but all refer to the same NATO-standardized cartridge. Some of those other names include:

– 9mm Luger ammunition
– 9×19 ammunition
– 9mm NATO ammo
– 9mm Parabellum

9mm Types

When most folks say “types”, they are generally referring to the bullet that’s loaded into the 9×19 cartridge. There are a lot of different bullet types used but predominantly, you’ll want to know the difference between a full metal jacket (FMJ) and a jacketed hollow point (JHP).

9mm FMJ ammo is sometimes referred to as “ball ammo” because the round is designed to remain intact and won’t expand upon impact with the target. These bullets aren’t particularly sophisticated and are generally cheap enough that shooters use them for range training. Full metal jacket ammo is ideal for buying in bulk.

Jacketed hollow points are typically much more sophisticated. Ammo manufacturers spill lots of money into the research and development of these loads and typically, this is what you’ll want to use when your life depends upon the ammo. These loads are designed to expand upon impact with a soft target. That means you are looking to inflict maximum damage on the target to neutralize a threat. Typically, hollow point ammunition is what police officers use on duty.